Q & A: 1997 chevrolet cavalier poor fuel economy & bad gas smell.

Question by anthony n: 1997 chevrolet cavalier poor fuel economy & bad gas smell.
Hello, i have a ’97 cavalier with the 2.2 I4 and i’m trying to figure out why the car is getting horrible gas mileage and smells strong of gas.
This vehicle should be getting atleast 25 MPG city and i’ve averaged only about 15! I drive the vehicle normally but its just blowing through gas like crazy and any advice would be greatly appreciated “and please no hate responses”.

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Answer by kelly_f_1999
have you done a tuneup change any air filter or fuel filter plugs.. have you tried a bottle of fuel treatment… have you open the hood and look for any wet spots.. .most likely just needs a tuneup

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  1. Ahhhhuka

    get injector cleaner. like the other guy said new plugs, dist cap, wires, airfilter. this should improve miliage. also next time you park your car put cardboard under it mabe you have a gas leak

  2. pops

    …..where is the gas smell comming from..under the hood or at the tank area? a leaking fuel line at the filter (rear of car ) or a fuel supply hose from rear of vehicle to the engine area. a bad fuel pressure regulator (under the hood) would also cause prolems you describe….would advise having a professiolal repair person check it out…….you could have a pontential fire hazard on your hands….BE CAREFUL

  3. muzikmanx1

    Sounds more like a Fuel Pressure Regulator. This is located on the fuel rail on the intake manifold. If you can find the fuel injectors, look for the metal rail that all of the injectors are connected to. Most of the time the Fuel Pressure Regulator is on one end of the fuel rail, it’s round, usually about 1 to 2 inches in diameter and has a vaccum line. This vaccum line opens and closes the regulator, if it gets stuck, theres no way to regulate the fuel entering the engine and it basically overflows into the engine and puts more fuel than the engine can burn and that gives bad fuel economy and gives a horrible smell in the car and you may smell it coming from out from the exhaust. The regulator for you car is $ 78 at autozone but if you shop around, you should find cheaper. Goodluck!

  4. BeenThere

    Examine the fuel lines under the car, specifically where they get close to the fuel tank. My 97′s fuel lines got super rusty and it was actually spraying a fine mist of gas into the air as I drove. Not cool.. waste of gas and probably not too safe, either.

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